I guess I was overdue for a flare.

To be honest I’m not feeling that great.

About a month ago I started having a bad POTS flare, followed shortly by an increase in migraines and some mild light/sound sensitivity. Then followed by some GI problems (mostly sluggish gut, nausea and vomiting, and IBS type symptoms).

I saw my primary and cardiologist and restarted a beta blocker for my heart rate (we decided not to restart the Florinef since my blood pressure seems stable). It definitely helps! But sometimes I still have dizziness and blackouts, especially if I don’t stand up slowly. The vomiting doesn’t help the situation either, I have to eat and drink in small amounts to avoid getting sick (especially at work or out in public), and then I get dehydrated which makes the dizziness and blackouts worse. Its really not that bad compared to my previous history with vomiting, its manageable and I don’t even feel the need to see a GI doctor yet. But its embarrassing.

Just last night I went to a friend’s house for dinner (which we scheduled weeks ago, before I started throwing up), I ate a few bites and had a few sips of water, but I didn’t want to “push it.” I reassured her mom that the food tasted great (which it did), I didn’t want to seem rude. Her whole family probably thinks I have an eating disorder or something.

Its a bit awkward at work too. My managers are being extremely understanding, some of them actually have had tachycardia in the past, so they understand to a degree what being POTSY it feels like! They offered me whatever accommodations that I need, even before I brought in doctor’s notes. (Mainly staying off ladders, or sitting down if I feel dizzy, running to the bathroom if I’m suddenly going to be sick, ect.) My co-workers on the other hand are starting to look at me funny. They don’t understand why I’m not allowed to do certain things, or why sometimes I look fine, and other days I look miserable. I guess my health is really none of their business anyway, but trying to explain myself just seems to make the situation worse.

I don’t want this post to be all doom and gloom though. So I’m gonna share some pictures of our puppy!

You might be wondering what happened to Jack (the pit bull we adopted in the summer).



Unfortunately the adoption didn’t work out, he really needed to be in a home with owners who are experienced in rehabilitating abused dogs, and also with a person who can be home all day to supervise him. He was a sweetheart, didn’t have a single mean bone in his body… but he had a number of behavioral issues, and he couldn’t left alone or crated either as he would panic and hurt himself.

He was quickly adopted by another family, and I haven’t heard anything about him since. : (

My dad and I decided to try again and I bought a collie puppy from a family who breeds them. We’ve had him since November, and he’s a little over 4 months old.  These are my favorite baby pictures.


I don’t have any current pictures on my computer of him at 4 months, but I’ll put them in my next post!






3 thoughts on “I guess I was overdue for a flare.

  1. A lot of little ‘mild’ symptoms can pile up together to make life pretty miserable! I hope you’re able to knock a couple off the pile soon, and crawl out of that flare ❤

    P.S. ADORABLE puppy! Does it have a name yet?

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